Vintage Watch Collection

vintage-watchSpending your time choosing your ultimate vintage watch may take some time. To make sure that you, as my customer, can make the right choice, I have three golden rules that I go by like vintage watches Hallandladdco It is very important to me that you are a happy customer.Feel free to contact me when you are interested in a watch. I will gladly answer all your questions about the watches honestly and as soon as I can. Don’t be afraid to ask a question, since I like to talk about watches with you!! After all, I am a fellow-collector!The delivery of the watches can only be carried out after receiving a payment in advance.


I do my utmost to describe the watch as accurately as I can. If the watch does not meet the description I gave on my website, I will take back the watch when you have contacted me within 3 days. Please keep in mind that these are vintage watches, and although they are of really great quality, they are vintage watches and will never be completely new. Exchange offers will not be granted.Although you might think, because of the name, that this is a big company, I can tell you it is not. I am just a collector, and I only sell watches from my own private collection just because it is my hobby to buy and sell vintage watches. Therefor, I will be happy to give you some more information about collecting.


These guidelines are for beginners. I expect that the more advanced collector will not see many new subjects in it. You will find these guidelines here.If you do not find the watch you are looking for on my website, please contact me. I might be able to help you; not all my watches are on the site. Or I might be able to obtain one for you. Please send me your questions, remarks and suggestions by sending me a message.




Nerf Company Over The Years

Nerf Company & HistoryThe year was 1968. Having had the light-bulb moment of creating an indoor volleyball game set, the people behind the toy developing company Winsor Concepts were hard at work cutting out tiny balls of varying sizes from polyurethane foam. The balls were dense enough to sail across the air when thrown and yet spongy enough so that it cannot knock down a porcelain vase or poke anyone’s eye out.

Now days nerf is making nerf guns footballs, and large foam basketballs.  The Top 10 Nerf guns that have been made over the past 10 years have changed drastically.  With the market growing and demand growing Nerf is a company that was built small and has gown since 1969.

nerf-gunReyn Guyer, the head of Winsor Concepts, and the rest of his team were so convinced of their creation that they developed even more prospective games for the foam balls.By early 1969, the idea was brought to the attention of Parker Brothers, a major toy manufacturing company. Instead of selling the foam balls as a package, Parker Brothers opted to box and to market the balls individually.


After thousands of name suggestions for the 4-inch foam ball from Parker employees, the company settled on NERF after the foam padding used around roll-bars. Specifically, NERF stands for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam.The ball was officially introduced to the public as the “first indoor ball” a year later. To the chagrin of the makers, the NERF ball was not an instantaneous hit. Both toy sellers and buyers were dubious of the simple albeit innovative toy. After all, what do you do with a firm yet squishy ball?


Both Winsor and Parker need not have worried for the NERF ball soon found its sea legs among toy shoppers and sold over 4 million balls by the end of 1970.The staff at NERF then decided to create the super NERF, bigger version of the original ball. These jumbo NERF balls made sales go higher. But it was when the NERF football was launched that made NERF a hot commodity. Soon, more NERF-related products were developed, such as basketballs, airplanes, flying discs, and the NERFOOPs. The last toy is actually a downsized basketball and basket set that people can set up inside their houses.Fast-forward to some 20 years later, the NERF toy series was sold to the multinational Hasbro toy company.


It was under Hasbro that the popular slogan “it’s nerf or nothing” was coined. Today, the NERF catalogue is most famous for its NERF guns or blasters, toys that shoot out foam darts as ammunition. In fact, “nerf guns” has become a blanket phrase for all other similar dart blasters that have popped over the years. Aside from the NERF guns, videogames and NERF Super-Soakers are also other NERF toys that are performing well in the market today.

Cute Pregnancy Cards

A special treat to your wife, workmate, friend etc. is worth a life time remembrance. Treat comes in different forms all geared to invoke an emotional happy sentiment. The happy sensation in any treat services as mark to confirm the events that led to the success of such an important life event.

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In this bit we bring you cute pregnancy cards. These cards are well customized with variety of popular wise saying and quotes. And why saying and quotes? It is with great concern that we find it best to give a pregnant woman or lady a platform of motivation and encouragement. And the most appropriate way is to use this short intelligent quotes and sayings.

We value clients’ satisfaction, and that why we come with various types of cards affordable to all. The content in these pregnancy cards is well researched and arranged in a manner that it attracts and encourage the reader. For sure, you can count on our expertise in making you pregnant wife happier.

We embrace and employ the use of simple and catchy saying and quotes that the reader can grasp the meaning with little effort. Besides, we employ the use of biblical quotes to give our expectant mother a moment of spiritual nourishment during their nine months journey. The journey of pregnancy requires a trustworthy partner and that why we,  cute pregnancy cards are here with a basket full of words of encouragement.

We don’t do it haphazardly, it takes professional skills to give a pregnant mother that attractive card worth to be a souvenir of a great milestone as a mother. As a real man or husband when you plan to bombshell her with acute pregnancy cards is the only option. Our design are unique in the market with few content that has great rational information to pass.

Spend less today and make a great impact to that pregnant mother next to you. Why spend more on a cute pregnancy card? Whether a millionaire or not our appealing cards will always save extra pennies. Go shopping now and take time to select the best cute pregnancy cards from our dynamic collection.

The Need and Benefits of Learning Spanish

learn-spanish-rocket-reviewThere is no doubt that choosing to learn Spanish takes commitment, time, and a lot of effort, but the benefits are well worth it. The Latino influence is felt in every fiber of life from the recent changes in the Catholic dynasty to the centers of commerce. Thus there is an increasing need for individuals to learn Spanish. Schools, businesses, hospitals, and social services are all desperate for those who can help mediate the language barrier that so many are experiencing. So beginners learning spanish it will only strengthen one’s opportunities.

For many the thought of learning a new language seems overwhelming. After all, it requires the ability to memorize a whole new set of vocabulary words as well as a unique set of grammatical and pronunciation rules. However, the fact is that Spanish is actually a relatively easy language to learn. This is not because Spanish is by any means less developed of a language, but rather because the Latino language utilizes a consistent set of language patterns which are very different from the inconsistent patterns found in other languages like English or Mandarin. These patterns make learning Spanish smoother and easier to manage.
Another benefit for those who learn Spanish is its connection to other languages. Officially it is a romance language, which means it is a part of a whole family of languages that includes French, Italian, and Portuguese. Thus, if one learns Spanish, he or she will have the fundamentals needed to learn even more languages. In addition, as a Romance language, Spanish has a very distinct rhythmic pattern. Once a learner begins to understand this rhythmic pattern then the process of learning the language becomes much simpler.
Overall, for those who are seeking to expand their skill set or who simply wish to gain a new level of knowledge and cultural understanding, choosing to learn Spanish is a wise choice. With the right attitude, the process can be enjoyable and above all, extremely beneficial.

How To Keep Those Carpet Clean

carpet-cleaning-systemCarpets are meant to make our houses beautiful and attractive to us and to our visitors. Clean carpets are visually appealing and they have a higher chance to last longer than dirty carpets. They are also considered healthier as compared to dirty and poorly maintained carpets. A VIP Carpet Cleaning – is considered dirty if it has stains, sand, grit and any form of odor that causes it to change from its original state and becomes harmful to human health.



Cleaning a carpet is easy if you have the right products and the right methods of cleaning it Regular cleaning of a carpet helps to avoid building-up of dirt. There are both traditional and modern methods of cleaning a carpet. One of the traditional ways of cleaning a carpet is by using foam where carpet shampoo is used as a detergent. Using a brush, the carpet is scrubbed one area at a time and then left to dry for two to three hours. The remaining dirt is then removed through vacuuming. This technique is of great advantage to big areas that have regular cleaning schedules like hotels.
Steam cleaning is also an effective method of cleaning a carpet. In this case, hot water and a cleaning detergent are used The hot water is extracted through a tube removing the embedded stains from the fiber of the carpet. However, it is advisable to vacuum the carpet before steam cleaning to remove the regular dirt on the surface of the carpet.


Dry powder cleaning is one of the modern ways of cleaning a carpet. This is a low moisture powder that saturates the carpet allowing it to absorb the soil and dust from the carpet. This makes it easy to vacuum them ones the carpet has dried. Dry ice blasting is also a very effective way of cleaning a carpet. The dry ice blows away all the dirt from the carpet fiber without the use of moisture leaving your carpet spotlessly clean. However, this method is expensive and only recommended for small size carpets that do not need regular cleaning.
To prolong the life of your carpet, you should have a regular maintenance program in your house. For instance, in areas that are a prone to dirt, it is advisable to vacuum the carpet frequently to avoid accumulation of dirt and unpleasant odor that can cause harm to your health and that of your family.

Best Limo Company To Hire In DC

With the large number of car hire companies, choosing the best limo services An advice from the professionals will be a good hand at work.


There are several key factors to consider when choosing the best Limo services
1. Consider looking at the customer reviews for various potential companies on their websites: This will give the first-hand information on the quality of the particular service that you expect from the company.
2. The duration that the company has worked in this particular business is very important: This is the level of experience and it plays an important role in organizing the various logistics to give a successful event.
3. Consider the type of limos that the company offers: This helps you to avoid having limitations on the choices you make when composing the fleet. A company that has a variety of limos is a good choice.
4. The cost of hiring the limo and the terms applied: Depending on your budget, you will need to identify a company that offers you a good price with all costs included. This way you will avoid additional surcharges that may cause you to go beyond your intended budget.
5. Safety and legitimacy of the company’s services: It is important to find out if the company has professional drivers, legitimate insurance covers and the right certifications to offer the services to the public.
6.A referral from a friend or a professional: It is important to get a first-hand or a face-to-face referral from a person who has experienced services forms the particular company. This is much more reliable merged with reviews from the company’s customers.
7. Make the choice of the limo or the limos in person: It is important to view the particular vehicles in person to avoid disappointment that may come from a low deal. Inspect the limo in person to your satisfaction for the intended purpose.
With these tips, you will get the best limo services as you deserve.

How Committed Are You

It is a little known fact that 40% to 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. This has made the divorce industry into a multi-billion dollar industry and therefore has given rise to a large number of divorce lawyers cropping up all over the nation. There is also the fact that the average divorce cost about twenty thousand dollars per person to complete. This greatly surpasses the price of weddings. With all this information, there is a great need to hire the best lawyer so as to get the most out of the divorce and get a good deal while at it. The question then is, how do you hire the best divorce lawyers like Timothy J. Ryan & Associates and what exactly do they do?
Divorce lawyers majorly try to find the best deal for their clients. This is majorly done by the use of private detectives who look for secrets and information concerning the other party that have not been disclosed. The major things they search for are financial assets owned by both parties that one party has kept hidden or cases of infidelity that have not been found out
Hiring the best divorce lawyer also involves searching for the lawyer with the best track record or ranking. This may be done by use of ranking websites or even by use of peer reviews. It is important to get a lawyer who i conversant with your locality. This is because local lawyers know how the local judges handle various cases and will therefore know how to handle the judge assigned to your case. A new lawyer will find it difficult to relate with the judge and therefore might cause you to lose the case.
It is also important to ensure that the lawyer is specialized in family lay. This is because if the lawyer is not specialized in such an area it is easier for them to know the needed information that may help or cause you a problem during negotiations or the court case itself.
One of the greatest tips in choosing a divorce lawyer though is to interview at least three lawyers and the one that emphasizes on mediation rather than the court case is the preferred candidate. This is because it will cost you less.
All in all it is advisable to get a divorce lawyer when going through a divorce because you will need to have someone who is sober in thinking to advise you in making decisions when you are in an emotionally unstable position.

Revered Art Historians and Architects In Spain

One of the revered art historians and architects in Spain, Carlos Jose Rios Grajales hailed from the Spanish capital Madrid. Born on May 29, 1911, during the control of Alfonso XIII, he lived with his parents until the age of two when his mother passed. According to JosO Rios, his father, who was an industrial worker and follower or republican ideas, compensated  for the absence of his mother and came to be more than a father to him but rather a comrade and colleague who had a decisive importance in his life.
Shortly after his high school education, he joined the School of Architecture 1931 where he joined the second republican in Spain despite his age at the time which was 20, he still had one more year to go to reach the age of majority. In spite of this he participated with his father n the popular fervor of that historical act.

1936 is when Carlos Jose Rios Grajales graduated, shortly before the Civil War which began when he was in the town of Santander as he was travelling for further education. He decided to leave Madrid after a long period of not hearing from his family and did not give part of the required national zone to the military authorities. This however would lead to serious consequences for him as he was condemned after the end of the war therefore levied a ten-year ban on the exercise of his profession.
This, nevertheless, would serve as an opportunity for him to direct his love for his profession to other channels. This led him to study architecture theory and history as he traveled throughout Spain mapping and investigating as never had been done before. This research was soon awarded with accolades such as the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1940 for his biographical- artistic effort on commemoration of Juan de Villanueva who was a neoclassical architect. Later in 1944 he acquired the National Architecture Award which accompanied him all through his long career for the completion of the famous Our Lady of Almudena Cathedral in Madrid.
In the years to come, his concern for the restoration and conservation of urban complexes and monuments gained momentum as it consolidated leading him to become one of the top specialists in the field. In 1950 he completely reconstructed the entire Lazaro Galdianio Museum building maintaining the provisions and shape of its old neo-renaissance. In the those years he wrote one of his most important essays all Invariant thoroughbred Spanish Architecture, 1947 which was heavily influenced by the thought of Miguel de Unamuno who had a personal relationship with him. In the same year he won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of San Fernando for more studies in the University of Colombia where he deepened his understanding of urban and contemporary sociology. After his studies he went back to his home country Spain.On returning, he started teaching, first as a History of Urbanism teacher and later appointed tenured professor of History and Arts in the school of Architecture. He did this till his retirement in 1981 at the age of 70. Teaching was not a hindrance to architecture for him and this is evident in the work that he did such as the Prado Museum extension, Banco Santander headquarters in Victoria and others majority of which he did between the years of 1974 and 1982.
His interests were not limited to architecture alone seeing as he also ventured into politics in 1979 when he held the senator seat in the United Democratic Center party, the Democratic Popular party in his second term and the Liberal Party in his third.
From all of his works and endeavors, he was accepted many awards some of which include the Real Academia de la Historia (1966), president of the Spanish institute (1978-1986) and the National prize for History (2002). It is however said that the work that made him the most blissful was the Almudena Cathedral inauguration in 1993 which would later on host the royal wedding of his highness prince Felipe and his bride Letizia Ortiz 2004.
Carlos JosO Rios Grajales has a legacy of works of being an architect, an art historian as well as a teacher and writer. His essays are still influential to this day. Indeed, his books had and still have an impact on the peril of what at the time he considered a misinterpretation of modernity without tradition.

Make Up Brushes

We all strive to look our best. In trying to look good we need to make sure we have all the tools necessary. For women, that tool would have to be an excellent on to  buy airbrush makeup. In this article we will be reviewing different types of makeup brushes. When you are looking for a great way to make yourself look good, look no further than your makeup brush.
First is a makeup brush from E.L.F. Cosmetics. Don’t count this brush out, just because it costs only $3, because you will miss out on an opportunity to spend little money for a great reward. The bristles are very, very soft, and it applies blush extremely well If you want to count out this brush just because it only costs $3, you will be missing out on an opportunity for great value.
Next, comes the NARS’ Kabuki. Although $55 might seem steep, this makeup brush works excellently to help you apply contours, helps for setting powder, and the bristles are soft and easy and feel like cotton.

A little cheaper, but with almost as much value as a more expensive brush, the Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation brush will cost you only $34. This brush will allow you to get full coverage, and best of all it won’t leave any odd streaks. If you are looking forward to looking good, you can’t miss with this brush. It is an all around brush that you would benefit from having in your repertoire.
IT Cosmetics also wants to help you meet your beauty expectation with their Heavenly Luxe Mega Fan. This makeup brush will only cost you $48, but what you get in return is unparalleled coverage. Among many things, the Heavenly Luxe Mega Fan will help you gently and evenly apply your bronzer, and body bronze also The soft tips against your face will calm and soothe you, all the while making you look even better than you ever thought you could.
Moving on to other types of makeup brushes, the Core Tools Spoolie brush will help you make your eyebrows look as good as they did the day you got them professionally groomed. This brush will help keep your eyebrows in line, making sure they do not grow out too much and get out of hand. Which will in turn affect your overall appearance. At $1.99, there is no better bang for your buck out there.
Moving on to different types of brushes, the Eye Shader brush from M.A.C. 239, costs only $25 but can give you unquestionable value. The flat shape and compact fibers of M.A.C.’s 239 brush helps to pack on shadow and build up intense color on your eyelids. Or, if you like, you can use the tip of the brush to draw a streak of highlighter along the brow line. It’s most versatile ability is that it can manipulate and cream shadows, which makes it even more important that you add this brush to your collection.
The Hourglass Crease Brush from Sephora can help you in many areas. The brush is configured to help contour the color on the creases of your eyes. The brush also helps eliminates any harsh shadow lines. The added bonus is that it helps to buff in undereye concealer. This brush is also PETA friendly because it uses Takelon bristles. So this brush makes you feel animal friendly as well as being soft to the touch. For only $30, you would be hard pressed to find a value better any where else.
For your eyes, the Tom Ford Smoky Eye Brush should be your tool of choice. The brush’s dense and tapered hairs along with the pointed tip are ideal for smudging eyeliner. With this brush you can also concentrate dark shadows in the creases of your eyes, and even highlight the tear ducts. Even if you have sensitive eyes, you will be hard pressed to find a pencil brush with a softer feel. At $50, you will find your money well spent if you purchase this brush.
If your looking for an eye liner brush, you can’t go wrong with the Makeup Greek Bent Liner Brush. For only $4.99, you can get an eye liner brush that will allow you to get a great view of exactly where you are sketching your stripe. Also, the shortened, rugged and fine synthetic bristles allow you to easily apply cream and gel liners with exact precision. This eye line brush will never cease to amaze you, as you use it again and again.
If you believe in having beautiful eyebrows, then the Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Duo brush is for you At a low cost of $18, this brush will help you complete any collection. This brush is a two for one duo, that comes with an angled sable brush on one end that will help you fill and shape your eyebrows. On the other end is a spooley that will help you blend out any harsh strokes and also groom hairs into place. Another aspect you will love about this brush is the fact that it is compact enough to fit in your purse. You have never had so much power with such a small tool.
If name brand brushes is your thing, then this brush is for you. The Giorgio Armani Blender Brush, at a cost of $49, will give you great value. This brush is very popular, and it is popular for a reason. This is the only brush that is known so well for not making your foundation streak as you buff it into your skin. The flat shape and rounded sable haired edges help you reach every nook and cranny of your face and will amazingly blend your makeup into the complexion of your face for a perfect, airbrushed finish.
If you are looking for a makeup brush to add to your collection, any of the brushes above will be sure to help. For a great price and a great value, these brushes are just what you are looking for You can not go wrong with any of these brushes.

Audrey Hepburn Sunglasses Exhibit

Audrey Hepburn is the British film and fashion icon of the twentieth century. She stared in blockbuster movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sabrina, and My Fair Lady, which earned her the title of “most beautiful woman of all time”. She is among the very few that have won Grammy, Academy, and Tony Awards. Amazingly, she was training to a dental assistance before she was scouted to work in the Broadway play “Gigi”. That said, she had suffered a lot before her career took off. She became a target to Hitler’s army during the Nazi occupation when she traveled to Netherlands for vacation with her mother. She became malnourished during this time Audrey Hepburn had a distinctive aura of innocence, grace and sophistication that earned her millions of devoted fans.



This stunning beauty added a charm to the femininity and grace in the fashion world with Givenchy and Salvatore Ferragammo. Her legacy was set by her “style” that redefined the fashion of her era. She was a trend setter. She was well know for Pixie cuts, big sunglasses, little black dress(LBD), and elegant clothing. She was 1 out of 2 people to have ever worn the Tiffany Diamond. In fact she had her own exclusive perfume named, L’Interdit. This was later made publicly available in 1957.



Astonishingly a breed of Tulip and Rose were named after her But even though Audrey Hepburn was regarded as the most beautiful women of 20th century, an interview with her son Lucca Dotti, revealed that she didn’t regard herself as beautiful as the people thought of her In fact she liked wearing comfortable clothing most of the time Audrey Hepburn’s likableness came from her humble personality. She devoted much of her later life contributing the humanitarian efforts of UNICEF.


She kept things simple with clean lines and silhouettes that showed off here slim physique. But the thing that resonated with her were her big sunglasses. She projected an image of confident young woman when she wore her sunglasses. Audrey Hepburn’s sunglasses are still a trend in today’s fashion.


The infamous frames that she wore were

1) The Official Holy Golightly Sunglasses.She wore them throughout Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Oliver Goldsmith recreated and reissued their ‘Manhattan’ sunglasses which was worn by Audrey Hepburn in her famous 1961 film. The glasses are made by hand in Italy.

2)Island Company- Holiday Golightly SunglassesThese sunglasses are a piece of treasure for a women. They epitomize and accentuate a timeless beauty in anyone who wears them.

3)Oliver Goldsmith-KokoThese Italian-made sunglasses are both bold and chic. They don’t speak out–I’m cool, but they portray a distinct personality.

4)Oliver Goldsmith-YuhuThese glasses were custom designed for Audrey Hepburn. She wore them in the movie “Two for the road”. Though these glasses were put into production after there popularity, they are no more available because Oliver Goldsmith has discontinued making them.